About us


Finn Grace Ventures is primarily a Venture Capital Holding Corporation. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Finn Grace Ventures through its subsidiaries, has invested in multiple and diverse business ventures. Furthermore, Finn Grace Ventures continues to look out for and invests in start-ups, business ventures and private companies that manifest double digit growth in fundamentals and provide a clear and present added value to the ecosystem. Finn Grace Venture’s interests span across the globe from Asia to investments in the European Union and the United States.

Finn Grace Ventures has created its private portfolio with investments across multiple sectors and industries. As previously mentioned, Finn Grace Ventures now holds investments in Indonesia-based companies (with value), stating that its market potential by numbers alone is about 50x the market of Singapore. Via another transaction, Finn Grace Ventures entered into newly developed and advanced technologies that were kept incubated in markets such as those found in the European region, but with the view that these technologies are to be immersed into more populated nations of which potential market is possibly larger than the countries in Europe.



We assist the start-up companies to grow with their promising and inventive ideas. Our goal is to become more valuable as we thrive and expand together with these start up companies in the midst of their lack of liquidity.

We fill the gap of the start-up’s deficiency to grow and overcome the obstacles so they are able to evolve and expand  without the pressure on how to fulfill their development cost.

Finn Grace Ventures invests in disruptive start-ups which implement and/or invent the latest future technologies that will be beneficial and productive for humanity and society.



Our vision is to identify and add value to each investments we have entered and participated in and then transplant them into other markets.

Finn Grace Ventures aims to support and direct its investments to a specific path. Finn Grace Ventures will improve on its platform(s), systems, and business models thus the monetization of its investments will provide above average returns for the stakeholders.

Finn Grace Ventures envisions its portfolio to expand internationally whilst observing cross border networks to ensure that the technologies/products of its investments will grow and multiply further into larger markets, ultimately unlock each and every investment’s potential in the future.

Management Team


Franky Yason – Founder and Chief Executive officer [CEO]
Mr. Yason is the Founder and CEO of Finn Grace Ventures. He has over 20 years of experience in start up field and understanding business models and knowing what it takes to incubate and expand the businesses. Mr. Yason is knowledgeable in both small and huge operations in various industries which he has handled throughout the years. Furthermore, he is well-informed in liquidity management and what it takes to turn around businesses and make them prosper and enhance the source of capital. He holds Bachelor of Economics degree from Institute of Economic Science in Indonesia.

Aude Planche – Chief Investment Officer [CIO]
Ms. Planche is Chief Investment Officer of Finn Grace Ventures. Ms. Planche is responsible for sourcing, evaluating and structuring private investments in Europe. Ms. Planche is also a Partner at Global Emerging Markets, a global alternative investment group. To date, she assisted in deploying over $500m across 5 continents in 12+ countries. She has collaborated with entrepreneurs, government representatives and professional investors to evaluate and invest in unique opportunities. Born and raised in France, She has always been a strategic thinker. She holds a Master of finance from l’INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux. Aude is fluent in English/French and can read and understand Spanish.

Abiantono – Chief Technology Officer [CTO]
Mr. Abiantono is CTO of Finn Grace Ventures. He has vast knowledge as IT Engineer to the online platform for Financial Technology (Payment Gateway, E-Money, End to End in Mobile Apps). His passion is to explore more in information technology, He is eager to develop his own professional career with his own brilliant idea by creating and developing the apps. He obtained his Bachelor of Information Technology from Indonesia Institute of Technology. He had held senior roles as IT operation and maintenance manager of Detik.com, one of digital content news provider and has experience as technical project manager of several national banks in Indonesia. Prior to his current position, he previously worked as General Manager of Information Technology in Garuda Indonesia Group.