Payment Switching – FinTech

2PAY classified as financial technology company, primarily is a software which captures data and funds from physical/online channels of payments (collecting agents), and then communicates with service providers (billers – core banking systems or third parties) to realize (and aggregate) bill payments and/or purchases made online coming from the various delivery channels to the collecting agent.

In mid 2019, 2PAY was initially connected to service payments from one of the Indonesia’s First Private Satellite Provider (a master agent) as supporting the multi-biller channel.

In Feb 2020, 2PAY start theirs revenue stream when connected with the 4th largest bank in Indonesia, Bank BNI, where 2PAY is used to pay monthly electricity bills to the electricity distribution company of Indonesia which is the National Electricity Company (state-owned). In year 2020, in the midst of pandemic Covid-19 situation 2PAY has booked significant amount of revenue stream with the increment of significant number of transaction.

As of 2021, 2PAY to continue growing the amount of transaction and revenue, 2PAY also proceed to engage with numerous of new potential customer that will boost the transaction/revenue volume.

AS Global

AS Global Industries

Disruptive Defense Mechanism – AI & Robotics

AS Global Industries based in Hungary and Austria, offers Robotics Anonymous Systems (RAS) and Multi Swarm Robots (MRS) have to potential to play a disruptive role in military operations as they can perform tasks which are too risky, complex and deemed impossible for humans to undertake.

RAS has the potential to perform, conventional dirty, dull, and dangerous military tasks like surveillance and counter mining. RAS may change the way military operations are conducted in the future.

Defense Robots are deployed by the military in combat scenarios.



System Integrator and Cyber Security – Software & CyberSec

2SECURE is a system integrator and cyber security services provider to organizations.

2SECURE offers end to end IT Solutions, (systems integrator and software development which include white labelling, and tailor fitting various systems and features to each and every corporate or organization which may want to have an e-wallet, payment gateway, and others) as well as security services to various organizations to help them define, identify and remediate threats in their security strategies.

2SECURE helps them select and deploy the right technology needed to achieve operational readiness to protect entities from malicious attacks.